François Ferchaud (yep, that's me)


(And I mean it)

Thank you for coming to my very first and very own website. I'm not gonna lie but this website is all about me and my "art". You will find here some stuff I made through the different galleries. I really enjoy doing stuff you know and I thought "Why wont you share that stuff to others you little prick?". So I did.

Quick Presentation

Because at some point I have to start talking about me I guess?

Hey my name is François, I'm French and I'm a student majoring in cinema. I really enjoy to learn new stuff. When I'll be -officially- done with my student life, I will still continue learning new stuff because I'm into discovering things on an everyday basis you know.

This website is something but you can also find me somewhere else online, like on all those social medias (click the buttons just bellow). I say a lot of shit in there but hey who doesn't?